About Us Kalipada

Welcome to the website of “পরমেশ্বরের দাস কালীপদ””Kalipada, Servant of God”!

Namaskar everyone, my name is Kalipada, and I am a Sanatani. I am passionate about sharing Hinduism’s rich traditions and philosophies with a wider audience. This website, Kalipada, Servant of God is my dedication to spreading knowledge about Sanatana Dharma and its spiritual wisdom.

Why Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma?

Sanatana Dharma, also known as Eternal Dharma, is the underlying spiritual philosophy of Hinduism. It is a vast and ancient tradition encompassing many beliefs, practices, and philosophies. I believe that the teachings of Hinduism offer valuable insights and guidance for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

What will you find on this website?

On this website, you will find a variety of resources related to Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma, including:

  • Articles on Hindu scriptures, such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads
  • Explanation of core Hindu concepts, such as karma, dharma, and moksha
  • Information about Hindu practices, such as yoga, meditation, and puja
  • Exploration of different Hindu traditions and philosophies

My goal is to:

  • Make Hinduism accessible: I will strive to present information in a clear and concise way, avoiding overly technical language.
  • Be respectful of all traditions: Hinduism is a diverse religion with many different schools of thought. I will aim to present information in a way that is respectful of all these traditions.
  • Create a welcoming community: I hope that this website can be a place for people of all backgrounds to learn about Hinduism and ask questions.

I am on a journey of learning myself, and I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for Hinduism with you.

Om Shanti!